Linkedin for recruiting sales managers and reps

Linkedin is arguably the best place to recruit new talent.  That is what it’s there for!  Linkedin is the biggest social network that is more/less strictly dedicated to business!!

*** These are just some links to resources and general information concerning using Linkedin for recruiting partners and building sales organizations in general.   Obviously you will need to follow the corporate guidelines and tailor any information presented below to your companies policies. ***


Twitter for recruiting and marketing

Twitter is a keystone fabric of the social media landscape whether you get it, enjoy it, or not, don’t sleep on Twitter as a platform to attract and recruit high level sales professionals to your business.

Below are some articles, videos and the like that have some great information on how to use them in your recruiting and marketing efforts:

*** These are just some links to resources and general information concerning using Twitter for recruiting partners and building sales organizations in general.   Obviously you will need to follow the corporate guidelines and tailor any information presented below to your companies policies. ***




Facebook for recruiting Sales Managers & Reps

Facebook is still the 800 pound gorilla of social media so don’t sleep on it as a platform to attract and recruit high level sales professionals to your business.

Below are some articles, videos and the like that I have learned a gem or two from :-)

*** These are just some links to resources and general information concerning using Facebook for recruiting partners and building sales organizations in general.   Obviously you will need to follow the corporate guidelines and tailor any information presented below to your companies policies. ***

using Facebook to recruit sales reps and managers for your network marketing business or medical sales business


Using Craigslist to recruit Sales Reps & Managers

Craigslist can be one of your best tools while recruiting sales reps and managers for your company whether it’s in the medical industry, network marketing business, or any industry for that matter.

*** These are just some links to resources and general information concerning using Craigslist for recruiting partners and building sales organizations in general.   Obviously you will need to follow the corporate guidelines and tailor any information presented below to your companies policies. ***

recruiting sales managers and reps on Craigslist

Here are some helpful Youtube videos on the current best practices for recruiting, marketing, and posting help wanted ads on Craigslist:

winning, recruiting sales managers and reps on Craigslist, help wanted

Preventing Adverse Drug Reactions

adr , adverse drug reactions
2.2 Million Americans suffered from adverse drug reactions last year.  Over 100,000 died!!! The worst part is a huge portion of all that is completely preventable through PGX / DNA testing.  Leading companies in the field of pharmacogenomics like MedXPrime are saving lives every day!  Here is some more information on ADRs or Adverse Drug Reactions and read through some of this to find out how you can cash in on this window in history before these procedures become standard issue!


Preventing Adverse Drug Reactions

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What is Pharmacogenomics?

We’ve amassed a wealth of information towards the bottom of this page and here is a definition from one of the leading institutions on the top, the Mayo Clinic:

Getting you the right drug at the right dose at the right time is the goal of pharmacogenomics, which involves studying how your specific DNA sequence influences your response to medications.

The drugs available today to treat cancer, heart disease and other conditions are powerful agents that work as intended in most patients. Yet, in some people, a particular drug at the standard dose might not work well enough or may even trigger a serious adverse reaction. The reasons for this lie in your genes.

By using your unique genetic makeup as a factor when prescribing a drug for you, your doctor can maximize treatment effectiveness while avoiding potentially life-threatening side effects.

Pharmacogenomics can help us answer a broad range of questions, such as:

Why does standard chemotherapy eradicate breast cancer in some women but work less effectively in other women?
Can we find new treatment options for men with advanced prostate cancer that has resisted all previous therapies?
What is the right blood thinner drug for patients who get a stent for their coronary artery disease?
How can we get rules into the pharmacy systems that take into consideration the patient’s genome for each prescription?


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Building a successful sales organization

What does it take to nurture a winning sales organization?


I’m just going to start a list and then open this up for discussion.  Some features I have found very fundamental include:

1.  Professional, streamlined training operations.  Every new rep should have the support available to get their CR homework done in the first 12-48 hours.

systems, marketing, avoidadr, medxprime

2. Open Communication from top to bottom

team, marketing team, sales team, network marketing, avoid , adverse drum reactions

3. Cutting edge tools..  Web/Social Media marketing training, organized recruiting funnels to take print and digital leads through the sales cycle, into CRM and into the appropriate E-mail update list.

cutting edge, tools, software, internet marketing, systems,

videoconferencing, tools, marketing, live

Here are some communication tools and techniques we have found valuable in certain applications.  Please browse and you are more than welcome to suggest additional articles/products/videos etc. either directly to the list or call or email me directly :-)

-Brian Firth
(954) 933-8232
BrianFirthConsulting (at)

Here’s a list of marketing tools and so on:

and here is a story I’ve been curating about cutting edge marketing techniques and tools:



June 12 – Financial Halo / MedxPrime Corporate Update

June 12, 2015

financial halo


Please see below 2 articles pertaining to Robin Williams’ death and his use of antidepressant drugs.
Contrary to News Headlines, Robin Williams Was on Drugs at the Time of His Death-Antidepressant Drugs”
Click HERE to read!


“Australian Association of Psychologists, Inc. on the suicide death of Robin Williams”

Click HERE to read!

New Announcements


We are compiling a deep and rich Knowledge Base in your back office so that you can have all the information you need to be fully informed and confident.  Please commit yourself to accessing this information on a regular and ongoing basis.  An hour spent reviewing recorded webinars or videos, reviewing forms, reports and PowerPoint presentations is time well spent on preparing your mind to be a total pro. Your ability to earn the respect and confidence of doctors and their staff is largely dependant on the knowledge you have. It is there waiting for you in the Resource Library!



Please include your Financial Halo Associate number in the subject line of every email sent to us as well as your voice messages. This will enable us to respond much more quickly to your requests!

CT State Director Florida – Andrea Fines

Andrea is having stellar success in setting up doctor accounts and building a key group of motivated representatives. She is a key leader in Florida with an expanding national group. Andrea invites you to a weekly business overview meeting at her conference center every Wednesday, 7PM, located at 1800 33rd Street, Orlando, FL 32839. Contact Andrea at (407) 451-5894 for more information.

New Pathnostics Flyers

We have five beautiful, full color, two-sided, and very effective flyers from Pathnostics. These are co-branded with MedXPrime and are suitable for both patients and doctors. Each flyer focuses on one specific area of Pathnostics’s lab services;  Pharmacogenetics, Women’s Health, Barrett’s Esophogeal, Gastro-Intestinal, Gastro-Urinary. See the new, revised Marketing Materials Order form in your back office Resource Library to order these right away or download it HERE.

New Genes for PGx tests and Sample Reports

Pathnostics has expanded four of the PGx panels by adding the following genes to each test. Sample reports reflecting these tests are now updated in the back office Resource Library.


Cardio – APOE, SLCO1B1

Pain – CYP1A2

Psych – COMT, CYP1A2

Comprehensive – APOE, COMT, CYP1A2, SLCO1B1


You will find new sample PGx reports for these upgraded panels in your back office; they will reflect the information from the new genes added to the tests.

DESCRIPTION OF NEW GENES – Advantages/Benefits

Please see the description of the value to the physician of including these genes into the PGx tests; also provided in your back office:


Cardiology (APOE):


Genetic abnormalities have been known to cause dyslipidemia or lipid disorders. Cholesterol, specifically LDL (low-density-lipoprotein), removal is predominantly influenced the genetic profile of an individual. The APOE4 phenotype is associated with a rise in LDL-C levels. Basically, an APOE test gives physicians the capability of assessing whether patients are predisposed genetically towards having higher levels of LDL “bad cholesterol”. This information is valuable to patients, for it gives patients the ability to be proactive in regulating and monitoring their cholesterol levels.


Cancer (SLCO1B1):


The SLCO1B1 gene encodes for the organic anion transporting polypeptide 1B1 (OATP1B1). OATP1B1 is basically eliminates substances from the blood. Genetic OATP1B1 mutations affect the levels of certain medications in the blood. For instance, methotrexate is a medication used in the treatment of cancer. Concentration levels of methotrexate in the blood can vary, depending on genetic variants of OATP1B1, potentially resulting in toxicities. This is beneficial to physicians for it gives physicians an understanding of potential toxicities that may result from certain medications, such as methotrexate. Physicians may opt to be more aggressive when it comes to monitoring patients on certain medications.


Psychiatric (COMT & CYP1A2):


The COMT gene encodes for catechol-O-methyltransferase. In the brain this enzyme is responsible for breaking down neurotransmitters. Additionally, the respective enzyme functions to maintain appropriate levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. COMT mutations basically affect the regulation of catechol-O-methyltransferase in the brain. It is postulated that certain COMT mutations associated with behavioral abnormalities and mental disorders; mental disorders such as schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. This information may help clinicians identify predisposing risk factors for particular disorders. The respective information will enable physicians to become more proactive rather than reactive when it comes to therapeutic interventions.


CYP1A2 is involved in processes associated with metabolism. Clozapine, an antipsychotic, is primarily metabolized by CYP1A2. CYP1A2 polymorphisms influence the drug blood concentrations of clozapine. This information will assist physicians in monitoring and managing patients on clozapine. Additionally, is tobacco can increase the rate at which clozapine is metabolized. Smoking cessation programs for CYP1A2 rapid metabolizers might be beneficial for patients currently taking clozapine.  CYP1A2 enzymes are also involved in the metabolism of various pain medications. CYP1A2 genetic polymorphic information is useful in helping physicians streamline and optimize adequate pain management therapeutic intervention.


NEW – Pathnostics Presentations

The PowerPoint presentations utilized in the recent FMS Training and ‘Train the Trainer’ seminar are posted in your back office Resource Library.  Please pay close attention to the ‘Directive for Use’ that accompanies each presentation. This is provided in your back office, you may also click HERE. Most of these are primarily for training purposes and may not be copied or sent to prospective customers.  There are some that may be shown to customers but in no instance may digital or hard copies be provided.  This is to prevent any suggestion or appearance of financial inducement to the customer.

New PGx Test Protocol

The PGx test kit has been upgraded from 2 swabs to 4 swabs in order to collect more DNA per test. The protocol now calls for the swabs to be dried before inserting into the envelope. It has been found that retention of DNA cells is greater when the swab is not kept wet but dried and then enclosed in an envelope that does not allow moisture build-up. The collection method also calls for a longer period of swabbing to ensure maximum accumulation of cells.  This change was implemented to reduce the number of specimens that required re-test.

Oncology PGx Panel being developed

Pathnostics is creating a new panel for PGx testing that is specific to oncology.  We will keep you advised of the release date but this will be a great new tool for your marketing efforts.

PGx Report

The PGx report to the doctor is prepared by Translational Software, a company that provides most of the medical reporting for the laboratory services industry. The database for the report is updated in real time with the latest medications and information.  If a doctor wants to review an updated report for a patient that has been previously been tested, he may request this at any time.  There is no charge for an updated report.  If the initial report is a comprehensive report, then it will provide updated info to the doctor that is relevant to his assessment of a new health condition. Or, if the new report addresses the same health issue as the initial report then the doctor will get the updated info he needs.  However, if the initial report was not comprehensive and was a partial panel, then a new report may not include the pathways (enzymes) that are required to assess a different health issue and the doctor may need to administer a new test to get the info he desires. This new test would be billed in the same manner as the original test. This argues, of course, for all PGx tests to be comprehensive to be a “one time” test.

IMPORTANT – Doctor Account Set-up Info:  

There will be a slight change to the doctor account set-up form going forward.  Pathnostics will be requesting both the Tax ID# and Doctor NPI # on the account set-up form.The Tax ID# is needed because several insurance payors ask for it. Collecting this information eliminates the lab from having to chase it down later. Also, in the case where the account does not have a facility NPI#, we need to capture the Tax ID# whenever possible.

W-9 Form

As with so many things in life, very little happens without the paperwork being done! In order to be paid commissions, each representative must have on file a W-9 (Taxpayer ID) form. To facilitate a quick, easy and safe process, we are having a secure upload function for the W-9 form programmed as part of the Associate Back Office. Since this information is private and sensitive, we wanted the most secure and efficient means to have you send it. We have daily contact with our programming team and the upload capability is now in final test mode. Please know that we will be certain to have your paperwork submitted before commissions are paid; this will not hold you up.


It is soon to be a very exciting time with commissions in the pipeline. We get a daily report of accounts and specimens being submitted so we see what is happening and who is producing business. With new doctor accounts being received daily and many practices submitting specimens, we are very pleased to see the rewards for your effort coming. We are not the only ones monitoring how quickly the business is building. There is daily tracking and communication between Dividend Health, the commission payor, and Pathnostics; they are closely watching the production and reporting. Equally important, Dr. Dave Baunoch, CEO, and Dave Pauluzzi, Chairman, tell us they are very impressed with the daily report since they see it as well. I think it is fair to say that YOU ARE SCORING MAJOR POINTS!


It is important to understand the process of specimens being received, billing sent, reimbursement arriving and commissions being paid. To ensure accurate expectations for when your commissions will be sent, we spoke to the CFO/Controller for Pathnostics recently. He actually prepares the daily report and confirmed that most of the specimens began arriving at the lab in early to mid-April and are continuing to be received. It takes 3-5 days for them to be billed and then, depending on the payor, anywhere from 30-45 days to be reimbursed. At that point, commissions are rendered to the representative. If you put a current timeline to that, a test received on April 7th would be billed on or about the 10-12th, and would expect to be reimbursed to the lab near the middle to the end of May, creating commissions to the field at the end of June. In looking at our May production, we expect to see considerable commission payments in June. And of course, an ongoing stream of increasing commissions thereafter!

Account Tracking

It is an absolute critical priority for you to be able to track all aspects of your MedXPrime business.  Each Associate will have access to an online rep portal that will show all detail of accounts and specimen status.  This was expected a week or so ago however, the initial approach was to develop a preliminary site with basic information just to have it available quickly.  Subsequently, it was decided to not introduce a basic site piecemeal, in bits and pieces, but to program a fully functional rep portal with a robust suite of information and capability.  Information on each account will be in complete detail for the your personally enrolled accounts as well as the accounts in your group. We meet each week with the programming team to assess the progress of developing the Pathnostics rep online portal.  It is in test stage now and is expected to be available in early June; it promises to be a very impressive resource. While it is frustrating to have to wait for this account tracking system, we are certain that it will be extremely well received by the representatives.


In the meantime, while the portal is in development, we know it is important for you to track your accounts.  We will send a daily update email to each representative (and their upline) with accounts that are submitting specimens. You will know which of your accounts are sending business to the lab and which are not.  Remember, an initial and ongoing ‘In-Service Orientation’ is the most important thing you can do to encourage accounts to start testing and to continue sending specimens!

Doctor Account Set Up Issues

You can control how quickly your accounts are set-up and sending tests.


Delays: One of the biggest delays in completing your doctor account set-ups is when the forms are incomplete or incorrect.  We take immediate action to contact the representative to correct this. Many times reps are not calling or emailing back to us promptly. This is an urgent matter since none of us want the doctor’s practice to be delayed in set-up, so please be responsive to our requests for information.


Comment Section: Please be aware of the comment section on the doctor setup form. This allows you an opportunity to communicate with us if there is something that needs to be addressed on that particular doctor set up so that it is processed correctly with NO delays.

Rep Demo Sample Kit – Order Link: 

Rep Demo Sample Kits are flying out the door!

CAUTION: These are for “Show and Tell!” only!!

Please DO NOT use these for actual PGx tests. The lab sends each account their initial inventory of supplies which are different than the rep samples.  The “Rep Demo Sample Kit” includes sample test kits, requisition forms and other helpful information. You may order these ONE AT A TIME. Please do not ask for multiple quantities. If you need an additional demo sample kit, you may order at a later date. These sample kits are not to be used for actual testing; they are only to be used to help educate and inform a prospective account. To order yours go to:

CT Executive Directors 

We are continuing to develop the CT Executive Director program to support our Certified Trainers as they work with Referring and Certified Reps. We believe this national program needs to be lead by four regional Executive Directors.  They will work directly with the CT State Directors to ensure a very high degree of expertise and effectiveness.  The profile we are seeking is someone with a significant background and knowledge in medical sales direct to physicians, keen insight to the compliance issues associated with the healthcare industry, demonstrated ability in training and managing along with inspiring leadership qualities.  Time management and highly developed administrative skills are essential to one’s success. The CT Executive Directors are expected to be building an ever-expanding MedXPrime business of their own. The compensation is based on receiving a percentage of all reimbursed split fee lab tests submitted by the CTs in their group. We will send an income illustration and position summary to interested parties.  This high profile position will certainly create a very significant income while helping to build your own MedXPrime business.  If you are interested, please send an email to

CT State Directors 

The best of the best will be selected as CT State Directors for compensated training and management positions. CTs are our key leaders, helping RRs and CRs to secure new accounts. To train, motivate and manage the CTs in each state, we are selecting CT State Directors. Their task is to evaluate and select a core group of CTs in their state who will be the “tip of the spear” in establishing new accounts for RRs and CRs.  Once the CT State Director has the CT team in place, the role will transition to making sure they are very, very good at what they do.  If you like to lead, train and motivate and are at the top of your game as a medical professional, we want YOU!  CT State Directors will receive a percentage of each and every test that is reimbursed from a lab that any of their CT group enrolled as a client. You will be rewarded handsomely for doing what you love to do, helping people become successful. If this sounds like you, send an email detailing your background along with all specific medical experience and expertise to Director of Training, Gina Kline at


Founders Tour

We are planning a 30 city ‘Founders Tour.’ We are coming your way! With our recent meeting in Dallas, we saw a great response and an exciting surge of business since that time.  We want to duplicate this across the country! If you would like to be a featured location, please let us know ASAP.  Get up close and personal with Sunil and Ken as we present our compelling business overview meeting; we will also be available for a limited number of private meetings.  This is our commitment to you to help build your business as quickly and successfully as possible.  Send an email requesting to be a stop on the tour and we will send information on how to qualify.

Use of Logos – Email Signature

The use of the Financial Halo and MedXPrime logo is allowed in your email signature; however, please ensure you are using the current logos.  Please do not use previous, outdated versions. Also, as always, it is important that you identify yourself as an ‘Independent Associate’ in your communication, advertising and promotional efforts.Any other use of Financial Halo or MedXPrime logos must be submitted for approval by contacting


John Smith

Independent Certified Representative

(555) 555-5555


Account Setup Forms and Supplies for New Accounts – On-boarding: 

Account Setup Forms must be completed by a CR or CT, not an RR or the client’s office. The rep must verify all information is correct on the form prior to submitting. It is imperative to verify sample types, estimated volumes, NPI numbers, phone numbers and addresses. Pathnostics sends kits based on the sample types and a large number of accounts that have received supplies tell Pathnostics they are not doing that type of test. BE SURE TO INDICATE THE CORRECT SAMPLE TYPES.  Upon receipt of a new account set up, the initial supplies and inventory will be sent the next business day if received by noon. Be sure to follow up with your account! They will not know how to implement the PGx testing unless you are there, onsite, to show them the way.  This is the absolute most important thing for you to do to ensure the success of your MedXPrime business.

MedXPrime Marketing Material Orders

Thank you all so much for the awesome feedback regarding the custom folders, brochures and other marketing materials. It is really great to get nothing but kudos and congrats on these items. Creating these materials was a labor of love and it is good to know they are enthusiastically received and are doing the job they were meant to do. They are going fast but we are reordering inventory every week so make sure you get your order in early. Order your MedXPrime Marketing Materials today!


It is very vexing to reps to not get their marketing materials delivered promptly, especially business cards. By far the biggest reason is many reps miss completing page 4, the customization details section for the business cards.  When orders include marketing materials and business cards, we cannot complete the order without having page 4, so it holds up the entire order. Be sure to teach your new Associates the critical importance of completing page 4 of the marketing materials order form!

Download the order form in your back office resource library under “MedXPrime Marketing Materials” or click HERE!

MedXPrime Certification

Certification: We are very proud of our certification team who is delivering what was promised! We have a very high volume of new certification applicants and current reps submitting their onboarding documents. Timelines for processing are being maintained:  Step 1 within 3-5 business days; Step 2 and current rep on boarding process within  3-5 business days.  Please do not contact the office unless you have not heard back within this time frame. Your inquiries slow down the process for everyone; and they will not be responded to. IF you are not receiving a confirmation within the 3-5 day promised it is because your paperwork is incomplete.  This typically requires a customized message to notify you of the missing items. We process completed work first, so help us to help you get certified!


Confirmation: If you use the preferred method of uploading your documents from the website, you receive an immediate confirmation that the upload was successful. If you feel there may be an error and need to contact the department, place your name, ID# and the date you submitted the form in the subject line and body of our message. We can accommodate your request quickly this way.


Certification Tips: ALL certification docs must be completed, signed, and SAVED before submitting. Step 1 includes six documents, Step 2 is one document. If you are a current certified rep and onboarding with Pathnostics, there are only 3 documents required.  Please refer to your back office Resource Library for more detail. Many reps are NOT SAVING the document before sending and they are coming to us blank!


Top Reasons for Processing Delays:

Unsaved documents:  Save them to your computer FIRST before sending.

Missing or not a “Wet” signature: Must be a handwritten signature on ALL pages required. Sending as a .jpg. – Sometimes we only get 1 page. Send as a .pdf!

No Contact With Pathnostics


Although we have asked for Reps to not contact Pathnostics, they continue to receive many, many calls which is interrupting their work flow. PLEASE at this time; direct any general questions to and direct any questions regarding Doctor Account Set-ups to The only reps that are authorized to call the lab directly are CR’s and CT’s who have completed doctor account set ups!


As a strict policy, we ask that you do not contact our partners directly without going through MedXPrime first. If you wish to have their help in working with a current or prospective client, please route that request through; we will get you to the right person or provide the answer you need. If the lab begins to get dozens and scores of phone calls and emails, all requesting essentially the same information, this will keep them from focusing on their important tasks of servicing our clients and performing their primary tasks. This will begin to wear thin very quickly. Ultimately, an influx of inquiries from MedXPrime Associates will create a negative impression of our relationship and we all wish to avoid that.  Questions pertaining to our marketing plan, marketing materials or business model should never be directed to the lab; they are not informed on these issues.  We are very appreciative of your quest for knowledge and will be attentive to this; we are preparing a FAQ that will answer everyone’s questions so please be patient while we assemble this document.

Spousal Associate Positions: 

Please be aware that spouses can each have their own MedXPrime position. Here is our policy…


Multiple Associate Positions: Associates may have NO MORE THAN ONE (1) Financial Halo position. This position may be a business entity.  Spouses are allowed to each have their own Associate position provided they are both sponsored by the same person. Spouses may not sponsor each other to avoid ‘stacking’. Change of the original sponsor is not permitted. The actions of one spouse will be attributed to both spouses and will result in disciplinary action against both spouses. Once enrolled a spouse may not be moved unless Financial Halo discovers they are incorrectly sponsored.

MedXPrime Overview Videos

There are brand new recorded videos of the MedXPrime business overview. Sunil is in rare form, at his effervescent best!  He conveys the message about our unique opportunity in a crisp, concise presentation that will be sure to interest your prospective Associates.

These are also provided in the back office resource library under “MedXPrime Webinars.”


Corresponding with the Corporate Office: Name and ID are always required. To expedite your inquiries to the company, please include your name and Financial Halo ID on all email and support tickets.  Putting your ID in the subject line is a “best practice” and helps us help YOU.

To expedite delivery of your email to the person who can help you best, please only send to the email department addresses that are listed below.  Your request will be received by the person best equipped to QUICKLY answer. We are continually hiring on new staff in the next week to accommodate our administrative and communication requirements. We are sure that many of you have already seen a much more timely response to your inquiries.


Please do not send a general email request to a “NAME” (like Sunil, Ken, Lori, Anjali, etc.); you will not receive a reply.


VERY IMPORTANT: Please include your name, Associate ID#, and your subject of the email in the “subject field” on all emails sent to corporate; this one small thing speeds our reply to you.


Here are the main SUBJECT EMAILS to send to:


Financial Halo:

  • Enrollment/Status
  • Log-in Issues
  • Genealogy
  • Billing
  • Other Halo Inquiries
  • Interest in our FMS Program

  • Approval of any and all advertisements, emails, and other marketing materials.


  • MedXPrime General Support
  • Webinars/Training
  • Certification Status Updates
  • Sales Representative Position Change Requests
  • Note: This is NOT
  • Doctor Account Set-Ups
  • Note: This is NOT
We want to serve you in the most effective and efficient way possible.  If you help us do that it means that “We’re all in this together!”  We are grateful for your support and cooperation.

Sample Email to Send to a Friend

Hi Friend,


Have you heard about ‘Personalized Medicine’ yet? It’s one of the latest breakthroughs in medicine, genetic PGx testing to make sure you are getting the right medications prescribed by your doctor. This will decrease the tragic consequences of Adverse Drug Reactions dramatically, literally savings thousands of lives each year. 106,000 deaths happen every year in just the U.S. because of Adverse Drug Reactions and millions are afflicted each year. ADR’s are now the 4th leading cause of death. If you or anyone you know, takes multiple medications, then you are at risk and in our opinion should get a PGx test done immediately, otherwise it’s like playing Russian roulette with your life and the life of a loved one.


There is a huge upside in being on the front end of making this available to doctors and everyone you know. This is a change in the medical standard of care that will take place over the next few years and being a ‘first mover’ to help make this happen means a huge window of opportunity. We need to talk about this; could well be the thing that we’ve been looking for. I’ll call you soon but meanwhile, here’s a video that will tell you all about it:


MedXPrime Representative

Email Opt-In


Please be sure to have all new associates opt-in for our corporate announcements. This is the opt-in link that you may share with Financial Halo Associates ONLY.