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What is Pharmacogenomics?

We’ve amassed a wealth of information towards the bottom of this page and here is a definition from one of the leading institutions on the top, the Mayo Clinic:

Getting you the right drug at the right dose at the right time is the goal of pharmacogenomics, which involves studying how your specific DNA sequence influences your response to medications.

The drugs available today to treat cancer, heart disease and other conditions are powerful agents that work as intended in most patients. Yet, in some people, a particular drug at the standard dose might not work well enough or may even trigger a serious adverse reaction. The reasons for this lie in your genes.

By using your unique genetic makeup as a factor when prescribing a drug for you, your doctor can maximize treatment effectiveness while avoiding potentially life-threatening side effects.

Pharmacogenomics can help us answer a broad range of questions, such as:

Why does standard chemotherapy eradicate breast cancer in some women but work less effectively in other women?
Can we find new treatment options for men with advanced prostate cancer that has resisted all previous therapies?
What is the right blood thinner drug for patients who get a stent for their coronary artery disease?
How can we get rules into the pharmacy systems that take into consideration the patient’s genome for each prescription?


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