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Building a successful sales organization

What does it take to nurture a winning sales organization?


I’m just going to start a list and then open this up for discussion.  Some features I have found very fundamental include:

1.  Professional, streamlined training operations.  Every new rep should have the support available to get their CR homework done in the first 12-48 hours.

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2. Open Communication from top to bottom

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3. Cutting edge tools..  Web/Social Media marketing training, organized recruiting funnels to take print and digital leads through the sales cycle, into CRM and into the appropriate E-mail update list.

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Here are some communication tools and techniques we have found valuable in certain applications.  Please browse and you are more than welcome to suggest additional articles/products/videos etc. either directly to the List.ly list or call or email me directly :-)

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Here’s a List.ly list of marketing tools and so on:

and here is a Scoop.it story I’ve been curating about cutting edge marketing techniques and tools: